2017 Cuthbert Cup Results

RESULTS of the Cuthbert Classic played October 29th:

Tommy Cuthbert Low Gross Winners: Chris Asbell and Patrick Pye 61
2nd place Bray Blanton and John Neuroth 63
3rd place Terence Jenkins and Robert Lindley (aka Mr. Chow) 64
4th place Parker Cleveland and Ryan Zipter 65
5th place Ben Jeter and Will Jeter 65

June Cuthbert Low Net Winners: Casey Evans and Jeff Winningham
2nd place Steve Cotter and John McAleer
3rd place Kirk Woods and Cason Woods
4th place Ryan Branton and Jesse Mikesell
5th place Steve Wilson and Allen Traylor

Closest to Pin #4 Chris Asbell, #6 Joe Waring, #8 Casey Evans, #11 Steve Cotter, #15 John Stephens
Long Drive #2 Tyler Winningham Long Drive #3 Ral Smith
Longest Putt #14 Rich Bull

HOLE IN ONE Casey Evans, #8, 160 yds, witnessed by Wayne Mizzell, Tyler and Jeff Winningham, during the Cuthbert Classic 10/29/17, at Summerville CC